Observation Bee Hive request form

Available only in continental USA  sorry - we do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the USA at this time
I am interested in purchasing one of your observation bee hive kits when they become available.  Please put me on your waiting list of orders.  I would love the opportunity to enjoy watching my very own colony of bees working in my very own indoor observation hive.  I understand that I will not be charged anything at this time but will be contacted as soon as the first set of observation hives are ready to ship in the order of the requests.
Please NOTE You will NOT be charged anything at this time.  This is only a request order form.  We will contact you shortly when we have enough orders to fill our first shipment.  Thanks

Thank you for your request

Thank you for requesting our observation bee hive, we will contact you as soon as our first shipment it ready to go and collect payment then.

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